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magnetic and hybrid shades


PadHat Features & Specs


● Open landscape view provides

   easy access to the display.


● Direct unobstructed access

   to all buttons and ports.


● Quickly folds up and closes

   into compact size for

   easy portability and storage.


● Custom 3 layer laminated material

   for extremely lightweight durable

   soft style construction.

  PadHat Specs:

- Closed       7.5 L x 5.0 W x 1.0 D in

                    19.1 x 12.7 x 2.6 cm

- Attached    9.0 H x 7.0 D x 7.5 W in

                    22.9 x 17.8 x 19.1 cm

- Weight:      3.15 ounces

                    90 grams 



PadHat Mini Specs:

- Closed      6.5 L x 4.25 W x 1.0 D in

                   16.5 x 10.8 x 2.54 cm

- Attached   8.0 H x 6.0 D x 6.5 W in 

                   20.3 x 15.24 x 16.5 cm

- Weight:     2.4 ounces

                   68 grams 



PadHat sun shade rear view.

The back of the PadHat is narrower than the iPad to enable holding and carrying with one or both hands.


Click image for close-up.


magnetic attachment     vs     hook & loop attachment


2 sided NanoStik/loop velcro style wing tab.




The PadHat and mini magnetic shades attach like a smart cover to the back edge of the iPad and use dual sided micro suction NanoStik / velcro style Loop Wing Tabs to anchor the shade wings.


!st choice for light recreation and most applications including DJI controllers.


Loop Band


Hook Backstrap

The PadHat hybrid and mini hybrid use non-magnetic Hook & Loop (velcro® style) for a very strong secure attachment. It requires the application of a very thin strip of Hook & Loop to the case or back of the iPad and uses the same double function wing tabs as the magnetic PadHat.


Best for heavier recreation including boating and windy conditions


Wing Struts for enhanced shade support

Wire reinforced Wing Struts greatly enhance shade structure providing added support for professional and heavy recreational applications.


A must for UAV piloting, windy conditions, motion and other rigorous conditions.

Especially recommended for PadHat airs and hybrids, they also work with PadHat minis and mini hybrids.

 ⟵ Wing Strut

The hook velcro side quickly attaches to inside of wings.


Easily removed for storage.


Virtually weightless:

Per pair 0.5 ounce  14 grams


Dual Sided Wing Tabs



Just Press and Stick

with NanoStik™



NanoStik Wing Tabs have 1000s of nano suction cups for a quick easy attachment.

Wing Tab with NanoStik bottom

and Loop (velcro style) top.


PadHat sun shade

Got wind and motion?
Use hook & loop

Wing Tabs

for Enhanced Grip

in rigorous situations such as UAV flying, first responders, construction, etc.


All shades come with 2 adhesive Hook (velcro style) pieces for use with Loop Wing Tabs.


PadHat sun shade


Liberate your iPad® from the indoors.


Now you can read, watch and surf almost anywhere you take your iPad...


... at the beach, by the pool,
on the boat, in the car.


Go camping, to the stadium, to the park,
to the construction site...
... and even to your own backyard.
Doctor and patient consult using iPad with Hoodi
Hoodi™ magnetic shades for iPad shade the crowd from sunlight and lighting glare.
iPad screen with sunlight glare and light reflection
Hoodi shading iPad screen from sunlight glare and light reflection.


Keep your "Privates" private.

 Enjoy your iPad® in private at the coffeehouse, in the classroom,
the office, on the plane, train, bus and subway. 
Hoodi on iPad - privacy at a cafe
HoodiVision shades shield you from prying eyes.
Privacy goes both ways...
keep your roommate in the dark.


Bed partner sleeps peacefully while woman reads her iPad with her Hoodi on
Light from woman reading her iPad in bed keeping bed partner awake

"It shines like the moon in my face..."

Blissful sleep... thanks to her PadHat.



Cover your asset.

The Hoodi™ magnetic shade provides iPad overheating protection.
Overheating can shut down iPad and degrade battery performance and longevity.
HoodiVision shades help protect your iPad®
from overheating in direct sunlight.


Thermal tests show the Hoodi helps protect the iPad from overheating

iPad surface temperature up to 20° cooler with HoodiVision

shades under controlled side by side infrared heat tests.


HoodiVision shades protect from direct sunlight only. They cannot make or keep the iPad cooler than internal operating and/or ambient air temperatures.



​​​​Glare, Reflection and Shade Angles on the iPad



Fig 1


Fig 2


During the 18 month design and development phase of HoodiVision shades we did several studies and tests related to glare direction, shade angle and shade height.

We determined there are 3 main factors that determine shade size and design:

1) Ambient light glare and direction
2) Angle and height of shade relative to iPad surface
3) Optimum viewing angle

1) Ambient light glare and direction

Sun position is not the primary cause of glare and only matters most when the sun is directly behind the viewer shining over the head or shoulder directly onto the iPad surface. In that case it is easy to resolve by either turning so that the sun no longer shines directly on the surface or using the body to block it.


The iPad surface functions as a shiny mirror. In fact if you hold your iPad up when it is off and look into the screen you will see a perfect mirrored image of yourself and anything else with or behind you. That means that no matter which direction you are facing in regards to the sun ambient glare can still make your iPad virtually unreadable.

To solve this we had to determine the best relative viewing angle, shade angle and shade height.​​

​​​Viewing angle, shade angle and shade height are all interdependent and changing one proportionately affects the others.​

2) Angle and height of shade relative to iPad surface

To reduce or eliminate ambient glare we found that the optimum shade angle relative to shade height is 70º from the surface of the iPad. Please note that the angle is 70º relative only to the surface of the iPad and not to other surfaces such as a table, level or otherwise. See Fig 1.

An angle of 70º allows for the best viewing angle (see #3 below) with the the lowest relative shade length of 10" / 254mm and height of 9" / 228.6mm.

In comparison a perpendicular 90º shade needs a minimum height of 18" / 457.2mm to block ambient reflection while still viewed at the optimum viewing angle. See Fig 2.

3) Optimum viewing angle

When experimenting on the best shade angle and height for the iPad we had to take into account the viewing angle so that all of the screen is shaded while providing a clear and natural unobstructed view of the iPad screen.

At an average viewing distance of 18" / 457.2mm the optimum viewing angle proved to be 60º relative to the surface of the iPad.​​​​​