Mongrel Gear, our dealer in Australia, demonstrates PadHat shades for DJI controllers.

iPad Getting Sun Glare?

briansredd 6/13/2016

Brian shows how the PadHat blocks stagelight and sunlight glare for DJs.

Quote and foto by Jim Bonnardel

UAV operator 2/14/2015

Jim uses both air and mini HoodiVision shades for glare free operation of his Inspire 1 UAVs

and sent us the quote and foto unsolicted.

"A really cool idea. I really like it."


Elisa Pacelli 5/26/2014

Elisa demonstrates the 2nd generation HoodiVision shade, the Hoodini.

"Keep it in the hot sun and your iPad will be up to 20 degrees cooler."


Philip Michaels 3/29/2014

Macworld reviews the 2nd generation

HoodiVision shade, the Hoodini.

Your iPad Needs a Hoodi to Match Your Wardrobe!

But HoodiVision's Hoodi isn't about style... It performs an important function. On a recent cruise, I didn't bother bringing my iPad mini to the upper deck because I knew I wouldn't be able to see the screen in sunlight. The Hoodi solves this problem in a novel way...

read more at iPhone Life.

"As iPad owners anticipate the arrival of summer, many will want to

 use their tablets outside. There’s just one problem: glare. Everyone

 loves sunny days, but just try reading the iPad screen in broad

 daylight once, and you’ll soon realize it’s not an easy task."

Hoodi, a magnetic shade for the iPad and iPad mini, solves this problem,

while also protecting user privacy and preventing the device from overheating in the hot sun. Hoodi creator Cindy Ries Hodnett turned to Kickstarter to raise funds to bring manufacture and market this innovative iPad accessory...

read more at PadGadget.

"The annual Macworld convention was held Thursday, March 27 through Saturday, March 29, 2014 at the Moscone North, in San Francisco, California. Educators were equally excited to view new products for use with ipads. The focus of this article will be those products catching the attention of educators around the world."

One product is a hood for the ipad, made by HoodiVision.

With the onset of Common Core, all of the assessments will be done on-line. This hood allows for privacy by the student, as the hood is elevated over the ipad, and down the sides allowing only the student to see the screen...


... it was one of the coolest things I found on the show (MacWorld) floor.

(even though it wasn’t officially being exhibited) And, yup, they’ve got ‘em for the iPad Mini as well. Go get yours!

read more at HandHeldHollywood.

Commercial Script Supervisor

"I'm writing to let you know how much I love the Hoodivision ipad

 Hoodi.  I worked on two commercial shoots recently - 10 hour days,

 outside and I used the Hoodi on both shoots and it worked great."

The Hoodi reduced glare substantially, which allowed much greater visibility while outside. 
The Hoodi  extended  battery life because I was able to lower screen brightness and still see.
The Hoodi was easy on, easy off.
The Hoodi magnets were strong and it stayed in place despite a lot of ipad movement.
The Hoodi attached perfectly around my Padlette ipad handle.
The Hoodi design and utility are excellent.

I am very happy to have the Hoodi as part of my digital script supervising kit.  

Thanks for a great product!

I can't imagine working outside without it.

(A Script Supervisor unknown to us in Florida requested a Hoodi for upcoming outdoor commercial shoots. On previous shoots her iPad ran out of juice from keeping the brightness on full to try and read the screen. Read what she sent back with no input or direction from us...)

Artist Jeremy Sutton shown here with his Hoodi at the de Young Museum in San Francisco where he performed live iPad painting for the opening of the David Hockney show and will be teaching iPad art classes.

Professional iPad Artist

"Used Hoodi in sun at the de Young Museum and it worked well!"

(Unsolicted comment and pic)