PadHat (magnetic)

iPad Pro 9.7, 5, 6, air 1-2, mini 1-4 and 2-4

1. Open and unfold PadHat.


2. Place iPad® with Home Button on the left.


NanoStik wing tab with

velcro style loop top.






Home button on left


3. Hold PadHat with MagBar behind         top edge of iPad.


PadHat sun shade rear view

4. Place MagBar against top back edge of iPad.

   It will click in place.

   (If it does not attach flip/rotate MagBar inside of sleeve.)


The back of the PadHat is narrower than the iPad to enable holding and carrying with one or both hands.



NanoStik™ Wing Tabs

NanoStik Wing Tabs have 1000s of nano suction cups for a quick easy attachment.

For a stronger attachment see Loop (velcro style) Wing Tabs below.

1. Remove plastic covering from bottom      of wing tabs to expose NanoStik.



2. Firmly press and hold NanoStik tabs to right      and left bezels (firm pressure required).


3. Enjoy your glare and reflection free iPad !


Close up of NanoStik wing tab

with velcro style loop top.


Clean NanoStik with scotch tape to restore stickiness as needed.


Loop Wing Tabs (velcro style)



Loop Wing Tabs for attachment in rigorous situations such as UAV flying, first responders, construction, etc.


Loop Wing Tab top


Important: Do not wrap around edges.

              Apply to flat surface.


Adhesive Hook Piece

(2 included in your order.)


1. Attach shade and mark on iPad edge    with pencil where wingtabs line up.


2. Remove Hook Piece protective covering

   and apply to rear of iPad or shell case. 


Press firmly and let set overnight for a strong bond.

(Hook pieces easily removed and  leave no residue.)

3. Attach shade and press Loop Wing Tab tops

   to Hook Pieces.



How to attach PadHat Hybrid to:

iPad Pro 9.7, 10.5, 5, 6, air 1-2, mini 1-4, 2-4

and NVIDIA Shield, Galaxy, etc.

Loop Band



1. Velcro style hook backstrap and

   adhesive loop band.

(Loop band in small bag included in your order.)


2. Attach adhesive loop band to

   hook backstrap.



iPad volume controls


3. Peel off protective paper from back

   of adhesive loop band.



5. Alignment side view.



7. Press adhesive loop band up and onto

    back of iPad. Start with center and

    smooth out towards each end.



4. Align tablet along seam where backstrap

   attaches to shade.


    (Be sure iPad edge with volume controls

    is on top.)


6. Alignment front view.



8. Let set overnight for secure bond.

   PadHat Hybrid is now easily attached

   and removed as needed.




Handle Case Instructions


Discontinued Handle Case (pre 2017)





There are hundreds of iPad case styles and we strive to make HoodiVision shades work with as many as possible including Otterbox Defender®, Griffin Survivor® and Lifeproof® cases. (This does not in any way imply endorsements by Otterbox, Lifeproof or Griffin.)

Works with many smart cover compatible cases and UAV mounts including DJI Inspire and Phantom models.


PadHat (magnetic)


PadHat Hybrid

Uses velcro style attachment and works with many cases and UAV mounts including DJI Inspire and Phantom models.





NanoStik wing tab with

velcro style loop top.




Shell Case and Smart Case

All edges of the iPad are covered.

Covered Bezel Case

The bezel of the iPad is covered.

Smart Cover Shell Case

The back edge of the iPad is exposed.

4 Corner Snap Case

All edges are exposed on the iPad.

Important: PadHat Hybrid shades will not adhere to silicone, fuzzy and some types of faux leather cases.


PadHat Hybrid attachment

Otterbox Defender and Lifeproof Nuud & Fre

1. Attach velcro style adhesive loop

   band to hook backstrap.

(Loop band in small bag included in your order.)


Loop Band



3. Fold backstrap over onto back of case starting with center and evenly spread left and right pressing firmly.


2. With Home button on left, place case face down and align case edge with backstrap seam. Remove protective paper from adhesive loop band


4. Let set overnight for a strong bond recommended.

(Loop band is easily removed if needed with no damage to case.


     5. Wing Tab attachment click here.



PadHat Hybrid for Survivor Cases:

Home Button


⬆︎  Adhesive Loop Band Strips  ⬆︎


1. Cut adhesive loop band in half.

2. Remove protective covering and apply the two loop band strips as shown starting on front edge adjacent to display covering.

3. Then wrap around case edge so that loop band strips adhere to the diamond shaped plastic areas on bottom of case.

     (Loop band is easily removed if needed with no damage to case.)

3. PadHat Hybrid will now attach like in #4 Otterbox pic above.

4. Wing Tab attachment click here.



How to attach Smart Covers to PadHat Magnetic Shades:



The PadHat and Vinyl Hinge Smart Cover

PadHat attaches to iPad, Smart Cover attaches to PadHat

The PadHat and Metal Hinge Smart Cover

Smart Cover attaches to iPad, PadHat attaches to Smart Cover



Hoodi for iPad-shaded woman in dress

General Questions and Support

OK, now that I have my PadHat magnetic shade, exactly how does it work? How do I attach it?

Good questions!


Please see our Instructions Page  for pictures and detailed attachment instructions.



What is NanoStik™?

NanoStik is a material that is made up of 1000s of micro suction cups. It attaches to surfaces without adhesive and leaves no residue. The NanoStik tabs adhere to iPad surface when you firmly press and hold them down, just like any suction cup. There is no residue and the tabs can be cleaned with cellophane tape and will be just like new.


Please go here to see to use NanoStik wing tabs.

My PadHat magnetic shade came with 2 small Hook pieces. What are they for?

The Hook pieces are OPTIONAL for a stronger attachment for UAV pilots and more rigorous condition.


Please go here to see how to attach and use Hook pieces.

I just bought a PadHat Hybrid. Not sure how to attach the Loop band & Hook pieces.

Please go here see how to attach Hybrid shades.


The 2 Hook pieces are OPTIONAL for those of you who would like a stronger attachment for the PadHat wings.


Please go here to see how to use Hook pieces.


The Loop Strips and Hook Tabs will not harm your iPad and can be removed.


What is '"Hook & Loop?

Hook and Loop is the generic term for Velcro® style material.


The Hook side is rough and the Loop side is soft.


Please see Instructions Page for pictures and detailed instructions.


I think I was sent the wrong shade, it seems too small. How do I know if I got the right one?

PadHat shades are designed to be a little smaller than the width of your iPad so that when the shade is attached it allows room for you to hold and carry your iPad with one or both hands.


If you have an iPad mini the shade width should be 6 1/2".

If you have a full sized iPad the shade width should be 7 1/2"


In the rare event that you were sent the wrong shade please let us know by going to our Contact Us page.


Why doesn't the PadHat cover the complete back width of the iPad?

This is a deliberate design feature allowing the iPad tp be held and carried with one or both hands with the shade attached.



Why is the PadHat not at a 90 degree angle?

Shades that are positioned at a 90 degree angle to the surface of the iPad do not work unless they are extremely tall. Not feasible for use on an iPad.


After much testing and research the PadHat has been designed at a fixed 70 degree angle. Please see our Science Page for more detailed information.

Why are there 2 versions of the PadHat?

The PadHat is used for most situations including light recreation and many UAV mounts, and for use with Smart Covers and cases that do not cover the back edge of the iPad.


The PadHat Hybrid is for those who use Smart Cases, Survivor®, Defender®, Nuud®, Fre® and many other cases that wrap around iPad edges. Requires application of thin strips of Hook & Loop tabs (Velcro® style) to case. (Hook and Loop will not adhere to some silicone based cases)


The PadHat Hybrid shades are also used for Nvidia tablets and othe brand tablets that do not have magnets embedded.


Please contact us for more information if you have another brand tablet. Please send us detailed dimensions of the length and width of your tablet.











I just bought a PadHat™ and the NanoStik™ tabs will not stick! What can I do?

First be sure you have removed the protective covering on the NanoStik tabs that keep them clean during shipment. Just peel off the thin plastic sheet and stick away.


The tiny little suction cups on the NanoStik can get dirty preventing a good "stick".

To clean a NanoStik tab use a piece of cellophane tape. Just press the sticky side of the tape on the NanoStik and peel it away. It will now stick to your iPad just like it did the 1st time.


It is also important to keep your iPad surface clean and oil free.


We recommend keeping your NanoStik tabs covered with a piece of cello tape when not using to keep them clean and ready to go anytime.


Is my PadHat guaranteed forever and ever?

"Forever and ever" is a long time and we have serious doubts we'll be around that long.

However we do happily unconditionally guarantee the PadHat for 30 days from shipping date and a full year from date of purchase for any defects in materials or construction under Normal Use.


Normal Use is defined as using the PadHat as recommended for Shade, Privacy and Protection under most outdoor and indoor conditions excluding severe weather or other extreme conditions.

The guarantee is void if the PadHat has been torn, punctured, cut, disassembled, burned, submerged in any liquid or otherwise modified in any way, and/or any other change or damage that is not considered Normal Use.

I have a case that is part silicone and part hard plastic. How do I attach the PadHat Hybrid?

The adhesive on the Hook and Loop tabs does not adhere well to some silicone based cases.


Please go to Cases here for pictures and detailed instructions.

I have a question I don't see here in the FAQ...

Please go to our Contact US page and tell us what's on your mind. 

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