Infrared Thermal Test

Thermal camera and 2 iPads

Real time simultaneous infrared thermal and regular fotos were taken with the FLIR T400 IR camera firmware 9.2.5.


2 iPad screens covered with paper

Because thermal cameras read the temperatures of reflected images on glass instead of the glass surface we placed identical sheets of white paper on each iPad. Any heat added or subtracted by the paper would be equal on either iPad so the relative heat difference between the two surface temperatures is still the same.

side-be-side iPads under daylight lamp

An EIKO EBW 500 watt daylight bulb was used in a standard foto reflector and suspended approximately 3 feet and centered over 2 third generation iPad® mobile digital devices. Each is tilted by a Smart Cover® allowing air to circulate beneath them.


*Below are the definitions of the terms ambient room temperature, operating temperature and surface temperature as used by this infrared thermal test.

*Ambient room temperature is the temperature of the air in the room. Outdoor ambient temperature is the temperature of the outdoor air.

Ambient temperatures can fluctuate and measurements of ambient temperature denote the temperature at the location of the measurement device.

The stated official operating ambient temperatures for the iPad are 32º-95º F.

In the infrared thermal fotos below two iPad® mobile digital devices were placed side by side in an ambient room temperature* of approximately 79°F.

After both reach operating temperature* a HoodiVision shade is placed on the right iPad and the daylight foto lamp is turned on.

The crosshair in the thermal fotos denotes where the surface temperature* is gauged.

All recorded temperatures from this infrared thermal test are surface temperatures.

At no point during this test did either iPad shut down.

iPad comparison Thermogram 1

The right iPad is turned on and measured at intervals up to  operating temperature. The surface temp registers at 96.6°F.

iPad comparison Thermogram 2

Left iPad is off and measured at a surface temperature of 79.5°F.

iPad comparison Thermogram 3

Left iPad turned on and warming up to operating temperature.

*Operating temperature is the internal temperature of the iPad after it is turned on and heats up to its normal internal temperature with wifi, mobile and all apps turned off.

The thermal camera measures surface temperature. It does not measure internal operating temperature.

*Surface temperature is the surface temperature of the white paper placed on and covering the iPad display and bezel as measured by the thermal camera used in the test.


iPad comparison Thermogram 4

Left iPad at 91.2°F surface temperature nearing operating temperature.

iPad comparison Thermogram 5

Sahde is placed on right iPad with both iPads at operating temperature. The HoodiVision shade exterior is 77.5˚F.

iPad comparison Thermogram 6

With lamp on the HoodiVision shade exterior reaches 132°F.

iPad comparison Thermogram 7

Right iPad surface temperature under shade is 99.5°F.

iPad comparison Thermogram 8

A 2nd sample shows right iPad surface temperature at 101.8°F under HoodiVision shade.

iPad comparison Thermogram 9

Left iPad surface temperature is now at 119.7°F without shade.

iPad comparison Thermogram 10

Right iPad surface temperature heats up to117.5°  when HoodiVision shade is removed.