PadHat Shades for Pilots On Sale

Our famous 3 sided 70° angle Magnetic and Hook & Loop shades

Sale Price $29.95

Regular Price $34.95

Wire reinforced Wing Struts greatly enhance shade structure providing added support for professional and heavy recreational applications.


A must for UAV piloting, windy conditions, motion and other rigorous conditions.

Especially recommended for PadHat airs and hybrids, they also work with PadHat minis and mini hybrids.

The hook velcro side quickly attaches to inside of wings.


Easily removed for storage.


Virtually weightless:

Per pair 0.5 ounce  14 grams

 ⟵ Wing Strut

PadHat Magnets Do Not Affect UAV Compass


UAV compasses are sensitive to magnetic fields, however the iPad has built in magnets for smart covers that are stronger than the magnets in the PadHat. We have sold 100s to DJI pilots without one documented case of magnetic interference during operation.



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PadHat shades are the favored choice for UAV pilots to block glare and reflection and provide heat protecion for their iPad and NVIDIA Shield displays.


"I wanted to comment on the perfect angle of the PadHat.

There are a few guys showing up at the field with other brand shades, as well as home made ones.

Everyone complains about the glare and reflection. With the other shades, at a 90 degree angle, the screens are a perfect mirror showing the pilot their own reflection.

HoodiVision shades have that perfect angle that completely eliminates that. As soon as I show them my shades, they realize that the PadHat is the best out there."


- Jim Bonnardel, Owner DIY and President of                             Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego

All fotos taken and sent by UAV pilots.

PadHat and Inspire at Work


HoodiVision Hi-Aerial Pro Immersive Shade with Exclusive Comfort Collar

Experience total Visual Immersion in comfort

Unlike tight clumsy goggles, just look up to see your surroundings

Exclusive HoodiVision Comfort Collar

Diver grade acrylic lined neoprene molds comfortably to face.

Easily removed for cleaning & storage.


No Bulky Fastening Straps


No straps to tighten and align

as compared to Hoodman and other brands


iPad fits securely inside hood


DJI, HoodiVision and other clamp mounts

firmly hold both hood and iPad in place

(Mavic/Spark Aluminum Pro Mount sold separately)


Xtra large window with 8 elastic bands for easy access to iPad display.

Two piece hood works as both immersive and 4 sided shade.


Magentic clasps for quick and easy set up.


Thin sturdy matte finish walls.


Folds flat for transporting and storage.


HoodiVision Hi-Aerial Pro Pac

for Mavic and Spark Controllers

Save $20

off items purchased separately

Hi-Aerial Immersive Shade with

Exclusive HoodiVision Comfort Collar

Mavic/Spark Pro Aluminum Mount

Carbiner Hex Key Set

allow 2 weeks before shipping

PadHat sun shade for iPad

HoodiVision Mav Pac

Save $10

off items purchased separetly

PadHat shade

Mavic/Spark mount

Wing Struts


Hi-Aerial Pro Mavic/Spark Adaptor with Aluminum Mount

Lightweight machined aluminum DJI controller adaptor

and spring loaded aluminum mount

with lock tight angle adjustment

fits Phones and most tablets up to 7"

weight 5.95 oz 

allow 2 weeks before shipping



Mavic/Spark mount

lightweight plastic spring loaded mount with height and angle adjustment securely holds phones and tablets

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